Colored Grip with Optional Colored Spokes


*Notice, as this is a custom-made product, there are no returns. If you are unsure of the size of your wheel, please call (563) 506-1065. We would be glad to help determine the right size for your needs.


Step 1 – Choose a Grip Color

Black grip is standard at no extra charge. Add $30 for color grips.


Cobalt [+$30.00]

Medium Blue [+$30.00]

Red [+$30.00]

Green [+$30.00]

Purple [+$30.00]

Orange [+$30.00]

Pink [+$30.00]

Step 2 – Choose a Spoke Color

Black spokes are standard at no extra charge. Add $10 for color spokes.


Cobalt [+$10.00]

Green [+$10.00]

Medium Blue [+$10.00]

Orange [+$10.00]

Pink [+$10.00]

Purple [+$10.00]

Red [+$10.00]

Step 3 – Choose a Size & Coating

Note: Racer X Spokes are only available in Flat Dish Depth.

Step 4 – Choose a Dish Depth



Choose the color of Grip and color of Spokes

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs